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Community Mental Health Centers: An Affordable Care Option

August 26, 2013

Community mental health centers like Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation are working to provide affordable care for the people who need it. Did you know that it’s not just low-income households who can benefit from our services? Needs within the mental health field are widely varied, and no individual faces the exact same problem. Community services have been established to meet everyone’s needs, and that might mean you or someone you love. Continue reading

Mental Health Counseling as a Career

August 19, 2013

Considering mental health counseling as a career? You’re looking at a challenging, rewarding field with plenty of opportunities for growth. Becoming a mental health counselor can be an exciting process, with new discoveries and research contributing to rapid development in the field. Your education and training can be very important, even after you begin working professionally. A mental health counselor never stops learning, no matter how long they’ve been practicing! Continue reading

Low-Cost Treatment Available Through Our Community Mental Health Centers

May 1, 2013

Community mental health centers that we partner with provide excellent, low-cost treatment to individuals living with mental illness. Treatment can take many forms, just like mental illness, and what works for one person may not work for another. Personalized, flexible treatment programs can be the key to success for many people.  At Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation we believe cost should not be a barrier to treatment.  We work with various community mental health centers, counselors and area facilities to ensure that no person who seeks mental health services is blocked by cost. Treatment Options at Community Mental Health Centers We can assist with providing access to a variety of treatment options throughout the United States.  When an individual or family comes in for a confidential screening, our care coordinators will assess their needs and develop a recommended services plan. When treatment is recommended, it is typically in the form of … Continue reading