Mental Health Education

We provide mental health education at Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation to professionals, paraprofessionals, strategic partners, and individuals and families living with mental illness. As the inspirational Maya Angelou once said, “when you know better, you do better,” and we couldn’t agree more. Working to educate the community is a primary goal for our foundation; one that we take great pride in fulfilling.

Professional Development

Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation offers trainings, conferences, and courses to mental health professionals looking to further their understanding of behavioral health. Our mental health education offerings focus on psychopharmacology, signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, evidence based practices, treatment options, the latest research and medical advances.

Through a partnership with the Academy for Addiction Professionals, we are able to provide CEU’s to professionals. Learn more about in-person trainings and online courses.

Mental Health Support Groups

Our mental health support groups are designed for families that want to learn more about a mental illness or what mental health resources are available to them. These family groups and seminars are a wonderful learning opportunity that helps everyone involved become more informed about mental illness, where they can find other support groups, and what they can do to help their loved ones cope with their unique mental health needs.

To learn more about our mental health education programs, please call 800-338-5770.