Screening & Medication Assistance

Individuals receive a mental health assessment during the screening process at Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation. When you meet with our dedicated counselors to assess your needs, we take a very hands on personal approach evaluating your past mental health history, your current needs, and any obstacles that are preventing you from receiving the treatment you need. The consultation is always free of charge and we are ready to help you get on a path to a  healthy, happy life.

Mental Health Assessment

We provide a mental health assessment in order to adequately identify specific needs, treatment preferences, mental illness diagnoses and other factors relevant to matching each individual and family with appropriate services.

The final step of the screening and consultation process includes the identification of the individual and family’s degree of impairment and barriers such as financial restraints that have made accessing mental health services impossible in the past.

The ultimate goal of Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation is to help restore balance in the lives of individuals and families living with a mental illness. By providing the funding for services, we are able to ensure that they can make the first crucial step in the process of treating and overcoming their mental health disorder(s).

To learn more about our free mental health screening and assessment please call us at 1.800.338.5770. Our compassionate counselors are here for you.