Welcome to Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation

Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation is a nonprofit mental health organization that provides financial assistance to individuals and families living with a mental illness who cannot afford mental health services, and educates the community about mental illness through outreach activities and public education.

One in every four families is affected by mental illness, and one of every three cannot afford adequate treatment. Furthermore, 18.5% of veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or major depression.  These statistics are daunting and Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation is dedicated to improving and sustaining the quality of life for individuals and families with mental illness by removing financial barriers to mental health services.

Our Mental Health Services

Following screening and needs assessments, our care coordinators arrange access to low-cost and no-cost psychiatric medications for individuals throughout the United States who otherwise would be unable to access mental health treatment and support services. The purpose of our services is to help restore balance in the lives of individuals and families living with a mental illness. By utilizing the data contained in the screening and needs assessment, we will address the needs, abilities and preferences for the individual and their family seeking services.

Our services include:

To learn more about Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation, please call 800-338-5770.