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Communication Tips for Family Members

July 20, 2015

For Family Members/Mental Illness and The Family Active listening skills are not exclusive to clinicians.  In fact, one of the most helpful things family members can do for their loved one is to practice active listening.  Oftentimes, individuals with mental illnesses believe, through their life experiences, that they do not have a voice.  One of Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation’s core objectives is to give those individuals a voice in society.  This starts within the family unit and spreads outward into the community.  When family members actively listen and communicate with one another, they open the door for change and new experiences – but it is not easy.  Even trained professionals can make mistakes that lend themselves toward unhealthy communication.  The following are common mistakes to avoid: Interrupting Focusing on what you are going to say, and what you are feeling rather than what the other person is actually saying Interrogating, … Continue reading