Mental Health Counseling: Five Obstacles We Can Help You Overcome

May 21, 2013

Mental health counseling can seem like an unreachable ideal. It may appear that many obstacles are standing in your way, but don’t worry. We can help you overcome those roadblocks, guiding you along your journey to recovery. Here at Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation, we understand that every family is in a different situation, so our services are designed to get you the most effective mental health counseling for your specific condition. Here’s how we can help:

Getting Mental Health Counseling

1. Assessment

In the early stages of seeking mental health counseling, you may not be sure what kind of condition you need help for. That’s why we start with a screening and consultation process; this includes a mental health assessment. We’ll explore your past mental health history, current needs, and any additional obstacles that may stand in the way of you receiving mental health help.

2. Understanding/Education

Now that you know what kind of mental health issue you’re dealing with, you might be a little bit nervous. You might even shy away from seeking help. That’s a perfectly normal reaction, and education can help you understand your particular condition. We can connect you to resources that may help you better comprehend your mental health disorder as well as potential treatment programs. You can even attend one of our mental health support groups, designed for families who want to learn more about a mental illness.

3. Finding the right treatment provider

Our care coordination team is made up of experienced professionals who will work closely with you to develop an individual service needs plan that includes mental health counseling. We can then reach out to our strategic partners to find the treatment providers who specialize in your area. Our goal is to help you find a provider who can meet all of your needs, not just the needs of your mental health condition.

4. Financial Barriers

Finances can be prohibitive when it comes to seeking mental health counseling. Once we have matched you with a service provider, we can help with the financial assistance needed to pay for the services. You don’t need to worry that your services will suddenly stop, or that you might be excluded on the basis of income. We want to facilitate a seamless transition into recovery, and that includes looking after the financial side of things.

5. Accessibility

One of our main goals at Guardian is to allow you to receive mental health support that enables you to live as independently as possible. We strive to connect you with service providers who are conducive to your situation. That may mean seeking out alternative transportation options or convenient locations for you. All of these elements are factored in as we work to link you with a mental health professional.

Although it may appear that there are obstacles in your way, we can work together to tear them down. With mental health counseling, you can start living a healthy, manageable lifestyle.

If you or someone you love is suffering from a mental illness and is facing financial obstacles to services, please call us at 1-800-338-5770.  At Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation we provide access to low-cost or no-cost mental health services through a variety of community mental health centers and professionals.  We also offer educational workshops for families and professionals.