Care Coordination  & Linkage

Experienced mental health professionals comprise the care coordination team at Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation. Following screening and consultation, clients are paired with care coordinators who will develop a thorough service needs plan based on an individual’s history, current needs, and treatment preferences.

Care coordinators act as personal mental health care guides to our clients. These mental health professionals will create the road map for a client’s success by working with clients and their families to do a more extensive and in-depth needs assessment to be sure that all of the individualized needs are being addressed.

Upon completion of the service plan, care coordinators will reach out to our strategic partners to identify which providers specialize in the area an individual needs, and what their availability is to ensure a good fit for our clients. Once we have identified the best matches of service providers, Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation will provide the financial assistance needed to pay for these services on behalf of the individual and family living with mental illness.

Care Coordination is an active process to enhance efforts toward a common goal or purpose, and in doing so:

• Integrates and maximizes resources;

• Facilitates complementary and supplementary programs; and

• Leads to a system in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Care Coordination and linkage to resources strengthens prevention and care efforts for the individual and family, especially in times of increasing demand and decreasing dollars.

Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation plays an important role in improving care coordination and case management and strengthening linkages between the individual and family and their strategic partners in order to promote and sustain the quality of life for those living with mental illness.

Care Coordination and linkage provides ongoing support to those individuals and families with a need for clinical and support services. Individuals may have histories of repeated hospitalization or incarceration,  experience frequent crises, experience an absence of a constructive social or family network, lack meaningful activity, and experience difficulties engaging in treatment, taking prescribed medications and/or managing their symptoms of illness.

To learn more about the care coordination and linkage services available at Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation, please call 1-800-338-5770.