Our Mission

Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance and education to individuals and families who cannot afford treatment in order to improve and sustain their quality of life. We fulfill our mission by providing free mental health services through screenings, medication assistance, and education to providers and families.

Our foundation’s key goals and objectives include:

Goal 1: To provide or assist individuals and families living with a mental illness in obtaining free mental health services and supports based on informed choice that would enable them to attain their highest achievable level of health and wellness, live as independently as possible, and engage and participate in meaningful activities (community, social, recreational, and educational).

Goal 2: To develop and provide learning opportunities for individuals and families living with mental illness, community stakeholders and professionals.

Who We Serve

Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation assists individuals and families living with a mental illness anywhere in the United States who cannot afford treatment. Individuals and families can be referred to us from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, self-referral, judicial circuit courts, and other public and private social organizations.

If you or someone you care about cannot afford treatment and has been diagnosed with a mental illness, or has self-identified symptoms of a mental illness please call us for help at 800-338-5770. In order to be eligible for the Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation program, each individual must submit an application identifying that they meet financial criteria by proving their need for financial assistance.

Our mental health education programs are designed for families of individuals living with a mental illness, professionals, paraprofessionals, and community partners.